Saturday, September 26, 2009

Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel I am the Victim not You

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel in his speech at the United Nations recounted stories about his distant past of his relatives were killed by the Nazis. Worst his wife has even far number of relatives who lived at that time were killed by the Germans. On the other hand the fresh graves of 1500 Palestinians who were killed by the Israelis in 20 days, including entire families can't speak for themselves.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and the Six Milions Jews Killed

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.
Years after WW II it was commonly mentioned in the news papers across the world that there were between two millions and three millions Jews killed by Hitler. Few years later the number all of sudden to four millions killed by Hitler. Few years the number was raised again to five millions Jews killed by Hitler. Some did not like that number of five millions is not shocking enough so the number of Jews who were killed by Hitler was raised again and apparently settled to six millions to satisfy every one. Some zealots in chat lines and Yahoo Answers mention eight millions. So adding few millions more is very easy.
It is very big crime in Western Europe and possibly Western by Extension like Australia to debate or discuss the figure of six millions. If number five millions instead six millions is mentioned there will be court trial and few years imprisonment. If some one deny the six millions and mentions any number leas than one million then there will be 10 years to 20 years imprisonment perhaps. Since there is no death penalty in Western Europe the holocaust deniers are saved from execution.
Any discussion of the figure six millions is not allowed. You can discuss or debate that the mighty god does not exist, that is fine but do not dare to debate the six millions figure.
This six millions satisfy many and they do not feel to jack it up any more. So the figure 6000000 is the official record of how many Jews killed by Hitler on one number up or down for that matter.
On the other hand where are the pre-war II numbers of Jews who lived in a countries where the bulk of Jews gassing had occurred? Some six-millions die hard claim that Jews were one third of the population of Poland before WW II. Po;and is ultra, ultra Roman Catholic country, then how they allowed the Jews to live in mass numbers to become one third of the country?
Some argues with one rail track to the WW-II famous concentration camp how one millions were transported? Some argues that there were not enough ovens to kill one million in the one year or a one year and half at the end of the great war. Some still argue that no traces of gas was never found in these concentration camps. Like Iraq no poisoning chemical depots were ever found.
The standard method of convincing some one that six-million Jews were killed is to show pictures of two dozen or more corpses laying in the ground to come with six millions. This is great jump say from 20 corpses to six millions.
In the mean the brutality of the Jews who lived during WW II and experienced the Holocaust towards the Palestinians is amazing.
You can be the victim but it is more fun to be the victimizer.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

No need to Close Guantanamo (Gitmo) After Conditions Have Improved

Quality-of-life improvements continue despite President Obama's assurances of its closing. Although the base has become a model detention center, the legal limbo of detainees is a major problem.
It's been a busy summer at the Guantanamo Bay detention center. The joint task force in charge of the 226 remaining detainees is spending about $440,000 to expand the recreation yards at Camp 6. At nearby Camp 4, which offers communal living for the most "compliant" captives, the soccer yard is being enlarged. At Camp 5, a maximum-security facility, a $73,000 classroom is under construction. In March, the task force added art classes to the thrice-weekly instruction it offers in Arabic, Pashtu and English, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.,0,3944969.story

Moammar Gadhafi tunnel view and blind eye for the massacre of Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Moammar Gadhafi of Libya Accusing the Disintegration of Yugoslavia at UN September-23-2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Obama Shame: Megrahi Prostate Cancer Stricken Man

During 1992-1994 the Muslims were massacred in Bosnia amass. George W H Bush was the actual killer who clammed that Bosnia is Europe problem the killing of Muslims in Bosnia was just Europe Hick and he does not want to bother.
All that changed when Bill Clinton became a president.
General Ratko Mladic was the butcher who killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims many with cutting throats using "Khanger".
Ratko still free but Megrahi is the only criminal in the world.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Germany Back to the Art of Massacring! Afghanistan